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  1. Estes homens entraram na batalha para erradicar a mutilação genital na Etiópia
  2. St Petersburg parade allows Neo-Nazis to march while gay people are arrested, dragged and beaten
  3. A new survey has revealed the number of men having unprotected sex has jumped in the last decade
  4. Marcel Proust’s secret letters to gay lovers surface at auction
  5. Is this the end of bisexuality? By Christian Gollayan
  6. Grande-Bretagne : la police lance une patrouille arc-en-ciel
  7. 15 Out Olympic Athletes You Should Follow on Twitter
  8. Simon Dunn living sports dream only after enduring personal hell
  9. Rio Olympics 2016: Tom Daley and Dan Goodfellow win synchro 10m platform bronze
  10. Luigi Berlusconi in teneri atteggiamenti con l’amico di jiu jitsu
  11. People Are Loving These “We Don’t Care” Bathroom Signs Posted Around Toronto
  13. The Egyptian police are using Grindr to entrap gay men
  14. Federal Judge Protects Two Transgender Individuals From North Carolina’s HB2
  15. Videeo: Ricky Martin gets married
  16. Chad criminalises homosexuality by vote of 111 to 1
  17. UK issues posthumous pardons for thousands of gay men
  18. New HRC Report Details Jeff Sessions’ Alarming Anti-LGBTQ Record
  19. The Epidemic of Gay Loneliness
  20. Détention, coups, électrocution... Le cauchemar des homosexuels en Tchétchénie
  21. Simon Dunn: “The idea that young men like me are being tortured and killed in Chechnya is beyond upsetting”
  22. Why gay French men are voting far right
  23. Cross-Cultural Evidence for the Genetics of Homosexuality
  24. Gay rugby star Sam Stanley responds to trolls who hate on his age-gap relationship
  25. Leo Varadkar is on course to become Ireland’s first gay Prime Minister
  26. Allah Loves Equality, la risposta di Wajahat Abbas Kazmi alle critiche in salsa Lgbti
  27. Mass Resignation at HIV Council Exposes Trump's Cruelty
  28. Pourquoi les gays sont-ils davantage victimes de solitude?
  29. At least 41 gay men arrested in Nigeria
  30. Charlton launch the first club, trust-affiliated LGBTQI+ friendly football team
  31. Even After Trans Teen's Suicide, School Refuses to Recognize His Gender
  32. New AI (Artificial Intelligence) can tell whether you're gay or straight from a photograph
  33. Gay men are winning this year’s Winter Olympics – and making it a joy to watch
  34. Church Celebrates Transgender Pastor's Transition With 'Renaming' Ceremony
  35. Forced Anal Exams of Suspected Gay Men Are Banned in Kenya
  36. Indonesia's Aceh whips gay couple for syariah-banned sex
  37. Openly gay Polish mayor launches 'pro-democracy' movement
  38. Utah court reinstates posthumous marriage
  39. Paris : hommage à la prostituée transsexuelle assassinée au Bois de Boulogne
  40. Amnesty Assails Verdict Against Gay Activist, Urges Repeal Of 'Absurd' Law
  41. Australia’s oldest gay couple to finally marry after 50 years together
  42. Arabia Saudita, cinque uomini decapitati perché omosessuali
  43. Mormon gay cure therapist comes out as gay and is looking for boyfriend
  44. Gay Aussie Athlete Simon Dunn Has A Message For Israel Folau
  45. Markantoine Lynch-Boisvert And Alex James Taboureau Injured In Alleged Homophobic Attack
  46. Iran publicly hangs man on homosexuality charges
  47. Gay prime minister of Luxembourg in historic photograph with lesbian prime minister of Serbia
  48. Street Mural of Donald Trump Kissing Vladimir Putin Goes Viral
  49. Gay couples have less stressful marriages than straight couples according to science
  50. Uganda using coronavirus laws to target marginalised LGBT groups
  51. That time Olympian Gus Kenworthy kissed his boyfriend live on TV
  52. Facebook says threat to throw gay people to their deaths does not violate its standards
  53. Des milliers de personnes à Paris pour une Marche des fiertés impromptue
  54. Burn the gays - or stone them to death - says YouTube influencer on television
  55. Poland’s homophobic President Andrzej Duda beats LGBT+ ally in hate-filled election
  56. Arrests made in the shooting death of a Memphis firefighter, police say
  57. Sylwia Chutnik dokona?a coming outu. Pisarka zdradzi?a powód tej decyzji
  58. 'I'm free!': Coming out at 90... to my gay daughter
  59. Ex-Man Utd boss Louis van Gaal had ‘suspicions’ of gay players and asked about partners
  60. Kenyan Media Personality Anita Nderu Declares She is a Member of the LGBTQ Community
  61. Gay men in Russia with surrogate children warned they face arrest