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  1. What's this about
  2. The Black Gay Dollar: ignored and overlooked
  3. A strong demonstration of how the LGBT movement and ILGA are alive and needed.....
  4. Significance of the Rainbow Flag
  5. Who's To Blame For Homophobia?
  6. Changes for retirement accounts seen as a boon for same-sex couples
  7. Muslim Religious and LGBT Strategies
  8. Bloody Prejudice
  9. Suicide among gay and lesbian youth
  10. Shaking up transgender assumptions
  11. Gays abused during Franco Regime to Receive Monetary Compesation
  12. Panteres Grogues Cheer NBA
  13. Mail Art call for AIDS organization
  14. Massachusetts Legislature Defeats Discriminatory Anti-Marriage
  15. Iran: End Arrests on Immorality Charges
  16. The government of the United Kingdom has anticipated the deportation of Pegah
  17. Pitt's transsexual turn
  18. Ahmadinejad speaks; outrage and controversy follow
  19. 7 countries still put people to death for same-sex acts
  20. Iran: Young Man Executed for Alleged Sex Crime
  21. Church of Sweden approves gay marriage law
  22. Holiday homecoming for gay US soldier
  23. Uruguay's President grants legal rights for gay couples
  24. Spanish Gay Leader Marries
  25. Spanish voters will go to the polls in March
  26. US gets first black lesbian mayor
  27. Former US Vice President backs gay marriage
  28. Gaining the right to speak in our name at the UN (lesbian,gay, bisexual and transgend
  29. Baywatch star praised for coming out
  30. Michael Stipe: I'm gay
  31. Obama Talks All Things LGBT With The Advocate
  32. Eurogames08.Barcelona.Registration period extended!!!
  33. Police charge pair with 'crime against nature'
  34. Obama Pledges to Support LGBT Issues
  35. 30 anniversary of the Gay Flag
  36. Gala
  37. Gay prince to speak at EuroPride
  38. India's health minister calls for decriminalisation of homosexuality
  39. Beijing 2008 - Only ten gays in the village
  40. Out-and-out champion celebrates
  41. Analysis confirms AIDS epidemic hits men hard
  42. The invisible worldwide HIV epidemic: MSM
  43. "Members of the European Parliament condemn the attack at of the Sarajevo Queer Festi
  44. Connecticut Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage
  45. Chicago school chief proposes gay campus
  46. Stand against Prop. 8 costs priest dearly
  47. Voters approve Proposition 8 banning same-sex marriages
  48. Bishop of Los Angeles says California voters 'ignorant' about homosexuality
  49. Same-sex marriage rallies stretch across nation
  50. A Gay Marriage Surge
  51. Kurdish president pardons doctor who was jailed for writing about homosexuality
  52. Star Trek's Gay Episode Finally Gets Made
  53. Portland becomes largest US city to have gay mayor
  54. Croat Treated For 5 Yrs Because Of Homosexuality
  55. Outrage as police station ditches Union Jack... for a gay rights flagBy Stephen Wrigh
  56. UK set to deport gay man back to Iraq
  57. Family Guy provokes anger over gay orgy scene
  58. UN Statement on "Human Rights, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity"
  59. Attacks and murders in Eskişehir, Bursa and Edirne in Turkey
  60. Same-Sex Marriage Legalized in Vermont
  61. OutGames Copenhagen: 7 days and counting...
  62. Linguists fired under military gay ban 'could have alerted US over 9/11′
  63. BioWare dismisses homosexuality in Star Wars
  64. Catholic bishops lobby against marriage legislation
  65. Former Catholic head of Milwaukee admits he's gay
  66. Gay couples refused marriage and partnership announcements
  67. Candidate to confront deputies over raid
  68. Christian arts festival is 'too gay'
  69. Dania retirees, who kept relationship secret for decades, celebrating 70 years
  70. United Nations: First LGBTOrganization from the Global South to Gain Consultative S
  71. Shawn Pyfrom Leaving Housewives Shawn Pyfrom Leaving Housewives
  72. New United Nations General Assembly President calls homosexuality 'unnacceptable'
  73. Minn. asst. police chief nominated as U.S. marshal
  74. Turk Gay Club
  75. Woman Pastor named as Sweden's First Openly Gay Bishop
  76. Clinton Condemns International Homophobia
  77. New Jersey Gay Marriage Bill Clears Panel, Goes to Full Senate
  78. Court to hear case of Christian student group that refused to admit gays
  79. Rugby Star Thomas Reveals He Is Gay
  80. Malawi 'gay wedding' couple deny indecency charges
  81. China's first gay pageant gives glimpse of new acceptance
  82. Gay rugby star Gareth Thomas reveals he's looking for love
  83. Anti homophobia campaign launch international day against homophobia in football.
  84. German FA announces it will support gay players
  85. Transgender citizens move to challenge Guyana’s law against ‘cross-dressing’
  86. Readers react to photo of two men kissing
  87. Gay marriage in Barcelona
  88. Matrimonio por poderes.
  89. Seminar: Surrogacy in the USA for Spanish Couples and Singles
  90. New York City Council Celebrates Pride
  91. Questions in Officer’s Killing of C.E.O. in Newark
  92. Italian Catholic priests 'filmed having casual sex at gay clubs'
  93. Protest The Pope: Say NO To An Official State Visit To The UK
  94. Man charged over gay sex act in toilet
  95. Blood Services allowed to ban gay men's donations
  96. Lady Gaga calls on senators "to do your job"
  97. 2 Lesbian Episcopal Clergy Marry on New Year's
  98. A matter of life and death: The struggle for Ugandan gay rights
  99. Lesbian RAF corporals to represent Manchester Prid
  100. Don't say gay' bill clears Senate panel
  101. Reportaje: "Ser diferente en Nicaragua"
  102. 'Indecent' lesbian kiss scenes face watershed crackdown
  103. Is homophobia associated with homosexual arousal?
  104. NY legalizes gay marriage 42 years after Stonewall
  105. Man hanged for alleged gay sex in Iran
  106. Italian soccer player Antonio Cassano wants no “queers” on his team
  107. Ben Cohen makes a move of the rugby field to combat bullying and homophobia
  108. Episcopal Church OKs Gay Marriage Rite, Extends Rights Of Transgender Clergy
  109. Friends of Dorothy salute great and powerful Oz in parade
  110. Children of gay parents are thriving, family experts say
  111. Hillary Clinton Announces Support For Gay Marriage
  112. Serbia Mulls Offering Rights to Gay Couples
  113. Saunes of Barcelona (Spain).
  114. China’s First Lady hears call from mothers for greater acceptance of LGBTIs
  115. ILGA calls for economic and civil inequalities to be tackled together
  116. India: Hundreds march in campaign to end LGBT discrimination
  117. Madrid accused of 'strangling' gay pride
  118. Welsh First Minister promises action against ‘totally unacceptable’ anti-gay language
  119. Study: Anti-LGBT Family Policies Affect Mental Health
  120. LGBT Immigrants Face Rampant Assault in U.S. Jails
  121. Nick Clegg: 30 years since the first HIV cases, too many myths still persist
  122. 5 LGBT-Friendly Countries For Adoptive Parents
  123. Methodist Church begins mass consultation on gay marriage
  124. Birmingham schools perform at launch of LGBT History Month 2014
  125. Croatia: Hundreds of gay activists stage campaign ahead of imminent same-sex marriage
  126. LGBT group criticises Croatia: ‘Human rights can’t be subjected to majority vote’
  127. Tom Daley: ‘I’m dating a guy and I couldn’t be happier’
  128. New LGBT network for European Liberals launched
  129. London: Police investigate homophobic posters targeting gay former Lib Dem councillor
  130. For Gay Community, Finding Acceptance Is Even More Difficult on the Streets
  131. Parliament holds first reception to honour the Jewish LGBT community
  132. Madonna backs equality for Russia’s LGBT community in ‘Love Conquers Hate’ campaign
  133. Trans Christians express disappointment over Church report and calls for inclusion
  134. New book claims that Vladimir Putin is ‘latently gay’
  135. Elton John to address Russian anti-gay laws in Moscow concert Friday
  136. Lady Gaga tells Tom Daley ‘We shouldn’t be going to Sochi at all’ because of anti-gay
  137. Italy: Rainbow-themed Christmas lights blasted as ‘provocative and ideological’
  138. Sweden: First gay-friendly retirement home opens
  139. US: Situation for LGBT people working for larger employees is improving
  140. Northern Ireland lifts ban on allowing gay couples to adopt
  141. Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts confirms she’s in a same-sex relationship
  142. Utah weighs impact of ruling allowing gay marriage
  143. Putin awarded Golden Enema Prize of Disgrace in St Petersburg
  144. Vatican denies that Pope Francis signalled support for civil partnerships in Italy
  145. First German footballer comes out as gay
  146. Italy: Police arrest suspect over death of gay rights activist
  147. "A preoccupation with transition and surgery objectifies trans people"
  148. Vatican internet users illegally download ‘Billy Elliot’ and ‘Lesbian Hair Salon’
  149. Study: 40 per cent of young LGBT people in England have contemplated suicide
  150. Italian IOC member: It’s absurd to include ‘4 lesbians’ in the Olympic delegation
  151. New York Governor: Extreme anti-gay conservatives have no place in the state of NY
  152. McDonald’s #CheersToSochi Twitter hashtag hijacked by LGBT activists
  153. UK: Tribunal hears boss called gay man a ‘c*** sucker’ and asked if he had AIDS
  154. UK government channeling support to Russian LGBT activists to fight oppression
  155. Transgender study looks at 'exceptionally high' suicide-attempt rate
  156. Catholic agency which does not consider gay people wins back charitable status
  157. Video: Russia: Gay Men Beaten on Camera
  158. Piers Morgan under fire after referring to trans woman as a ‘former man'
  159. Colombia: Politician wants to ban Shakira for ‘promoting lesbianism’ with Rihanna
  160. UK Home Office ‘interrogates’ LGBT asylum seekers with degrading questions
  161. Canada Fires Back At Russia’s Ban On Gay Propaganda With Hilarious Homoerotic Commerc
  162. Obama tells Ugandan President: Signing anti-gay law would be a huge step backwards
  163. Graham Norton: I’m f**king furious that RTE settled with anti-gay marriage activists
  164. US poll: 56% support marriage for same-sex couples
  165. England: Number of gay couples adopting children doubles
  166. Ireland: More than one in four gay employees have been harassed at work
  167. ‘Allowing gays makes the military like lab rats, which is why Putin invaded Ukraine’
  168. LGBT protesters pelted with eggs at Moscow equality rally
  169. LGBT Rights Campaigner James Wharton: 'Gay Sex Saunas Need to be History'
  170. India: LGBT community hopes for fresh thought after polls
  171. Swedish anti-homophobia campaigner in ‘critical condition’ after ‘Nazi’ stabbing
  172. US: Gay vice principal ‘fired for getting married’ sues Catholic school
  173. Christian radio host: Disney is ‘evil’ for trying to make kids gay with Frozen
  174. Julie Burchill: Trans women are just ‘big white blokes who have cut their cocks off’
  175. Game of Thrones star comes out as gay
  176. European Parliament adopts new data protection laws for LGBT people
  177. England and Wales begin to recognise overseas same-sex marriages
  178. Cameron, Clegg and Miliband: Britain is ready for a gay Prime Minister
  179. LGBT victims of domestic abuse are rarely catered for – or acknowledged
  180. The economic costs and development impact of exclusion of LGBT people
  181. How Uganda was seduced by anti-gay conservative evangelicals
  182. St Patrick's parades boycotted over gay groups exclusion
  183. Russia: Moscow’s largest gay club closes after string of vigilante attacks
  184. Gay ‘cure’ doctor: Men should avoid listening to Adele if they ‘want to stay straight
  185. Do you think penis size matters?This study says it does – but only in some situations
  186. Italy: Bullied teen put into care for being gay
  187. #COCKINSOCK: English men are undressed in a campaign against the testicle cancer
  188. Firefox defends new CEO who donated money to ban gays from marrying
  189. Lesbian asylum seeker faces ‘death sentence’ if deported to Nigeria
  190. Cameron: I’m proud that allowing gay couples to marry will strengthen this country
  191. Report: LGBT teachers face massive discrimination
  192. VisitBritain targets LGBT market in new US campaign
  193. 19-Year-Old LGBT Activist is First Gay Man To Sue Chinese Government
  194. Turkey: Four mayors who signed LGBT-friendly protocol elected in Istanbul and Mersin
  195. Tom Daley: I’m definitely gay not bisexual
  196. Five more things the government should do for LGBT rights in the UK
  197. European Parliament wants guaranteed free movement for LGBT people
  198. Study: supporting LGBT staff benefits British businesses
  199. US: Trans student told she can’t use women’s toilet at college
  200. Pope urges ‘sexual responsibility and chastity’ in order to fight HIV
  201. Manuel Valls aux personnes LGBT: l'égalité des droits, c'est fini!
  202. Eurovision: Three Russian gay couples to marry in Copenhagen before event
  203. Minister Alan Duncan slammed for saying 'primitive cultures' have anti-LGBT problem
  204. US: Homeless shelter invites the Pope to see the church’s impact on gay teens
  205. Ohio: Man sentenced to 2 ½ years for trying to beat the gay out of disabled brother
  206. Turkey: Plan to segregate gay prisoners in jails alarms human rights activists
  207. Alan Carr: ‘The most homophobia I get is from gays’
  208. British Are Sixth Most Tolerant Towards Homosexuality
  209. USA: LGBT history is lovingly preserved at Quatrefoil Library on Lake Street
  210. Egypt's gay community fears government crackdown
  211. Arsenal boss: Society needs to ask why football does not have openly gay players
  212. Christian nursery claims unfair dismissal over dispute with gay colleague
  213. Turkish university cancels talks on homosexuality due to Hezbullah fears
  214. Teachers are facing devastating levels of online anti-gay abuse from students
  215. Nets’ Jason Collins makes Time Magazine’s ‘100 Most Influential’ list
  216. Human Rights Watch: Gay men hunted, raped and killed by Syrian Army
  217. Pakistani killer murdered 3 gay men after having sex with them
  218. Video - LGBT Rights are Human Rights
  219. Ten Reason Women Are Losing While Gays Keep Winning
  220. How Campus Crusade for Christ Exports Homophobia to Africa
  221. Scotland: LGBT groups seek referendum support
  222. Gay Games de Cleveland, Ohio, EEUU - entre el 9 y 16 de agosto
  223. 2014 Canal Pride Parade Amsterdam LIVE
  224. How does feel to be queer in India? Indian LGBT community share their fears in video
  225. Hollywood Museum Honours LGBT Contribution To Film And Television
  226. UK: LGBT homeless crisis as family issues bite
  227. All Equal - GayGames Paris2018: Film de candidature
  228. Smithsonian accepts archival material from Baltimore's LGBT community center
  229. 3 Colleges in Massachusetts Recognized as the Most LGBT-Friendly
  230. Exhibition "Red Hot" by Thomas Knights
  231. Pennsylvania: Brian Sims Slams Pa. Lawmakers' 'BS' on Hate-Crimes Bill
  232. Russia Suspends USA exchange Program, claiming student was adopted by same-sex couple
  233. This Short Film Shows How Terrifying It Is To Be LGBT In Jamaica
  234. The new normal: Gay couple featured in Tide (Canadian) TV commercial
  235. Indonesia: Some muslims propose death penalty for people caught having gay sex
  236. "Healing Homophobia" by Susan Russell
  237. This British Man’s Husband Died On Honeymoon But Australia Refuses To Recognise Their Marriage
  238. World’s only Chair in Transgender Studies
  239. New Anti-Gay Law Rejected by Russian Duma Committee
  240. Across Italy, demonstrators seek rights for gay families
  241. Vaal LGBTI livid after brutal killing of young lesbian
  242. Video: Sweet Love Gay - A Thousand Years
  243. Trump hopes for reversal on same-sex-marriage
  244. Gay military couple weds in Springfield courthouse, photo of kiss spreads
  245. Justin Trudeau will be the 1st PM to march in Toronto's Pride parade
  246. Bichas, o documentário.
  247. Italy court says lesbian couple can adopt each other's kids
  248. Famous Movies Re-Imagined With LGBT Characters
  249. Marlon Brando and James Dean were in a secret S&M gay relationship, book claims
  250. Lesbian, Gay, And Bi Brits Are At Much Higher Risk Of Mental Health Problems, A Big Study Has Found