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José Benito
03/04/2007, 13:29
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March 2007
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Panteres Grogues Cheer NBA

The declarations last week of ex-NBA player, John Amaechi, during the presentation of his autobiography Man in the Middle, in which he speaks openly of his homosexuality, and the blunt response of also ex-NBAer Tim Hardaway, saying that he hate homosexuals, has opened a debate on the presence of gays in professional basketball teams of the NBA.

The Sport club Panteres Grogues, Barcelona's organization of more than 400 amateur athletes (gays, lesbians and heterosexuals), wants to emphasize the very positive form and favorable position with respect to diversity showed by David Stern, commissioner of the NBA and a person of great influence in the world basketball, both North American and world-wide, when he declared that Tim Hardaway could not continue representing NBA because of the great discrepancy between his personal opinions inciting homophofobic violance, and hose of an institution like the NBA.

The Panteres Grogues want to thank and congratulate Amaechi for having put forward another example of the existance of gays and lesbians in the world of sport, given the deficienty of references that there still are. We lament, however, that once again this announcement has taken place once the sportsman has left his professional career and therefore, a part of his popularity, as a necessary element of reference for all society and specifilly for young people.

Amoung the objectives of the Panteres Grogues is to word against homophobia in the world sport. Visibility is the most important tool that we have to achieve that. We belive that along with our work, including the celebration in the city of Barcelona or EuroGames in july 2008, which will bring together more than to 5,000 sportsmen, gays, lesbians, transsexuals, but also heterosexuals who are united to our goal to end homophobia, brave and forceful attitudes like those of Amaechi and Stern signify advances important to eradicate homophobia in all fields of sport.

We hope that soon we can see sportsmen of our contry, as well as managers, political federations and institutions, participating actively in this task. You surely have our support.

Joan Miró
Presidente del Club Esportiu Panteres Grogues y Eurogames 2008. BCN Barcelona.

Editor's Note: Mr Hardaway owns a car wash in south Florida, and as a result of his remarks has had to change the name of it. It used to be Tim Hardaway's Deluxe Car Wash. His name has been completely removed from all signage.:o

03/04/2007, 15:24
Creo que Amaechi ha abierto un gran debate por la presencia de gays y lesbianas en un mundo tan cerrado como el del deporte, cosa que por otra parte no entiendo, se supone que el deporte es una actividad física.. que tiene que ver con quien o con quien no te acuestes. Me viene a la cabeza la declaración de Amelie Mauresmo que tras su declaración sufrió bastante hasta el punto de arrepentirse de haberlo declarado.

El hecho de utilizarlo como icono tras la declaración hace que estas personas públicas sufran mas de lo debido, creo que se debería tratar con mas naturalidad y dejar que ellos decidan que contar o que no contar de su vida privada. El icono solo sirve para presionarlos.