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José Benito
09/04/2009, 10:09
Same-Sex Marriage Legalized in Vermont (http://www.advocate.com/news_detail_ektid77832.asp)

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By Julie Bolcer (http://www.advocate.com/authors.asp?author=Julie%20Bolcer)

Following tense and emotional proceedings on the legislative floor, the Vermont house voted 100-49 at 11 a.m. on Tuesday to override Gov. Jim Douglas's veto of marriage-equality legislation. After an earlier morning vote by the senate, 23-5, to override the veto, the house vote makes Vermont the first state to recognize marriage equality through the legislative process without first being ordered to do so by the court.
The outcome of the highly anticipated house vote remained uncertain until it occurred. In the end, the 100 votes generated was the minimum needed to meet the two-thirds majority requirement for the veto override.
Marriage-equality advocates hailed the milestone in Vermont, which was the first state to create civil unions for same-sex couples in 2000.
“This historic vote in the Vermont legislature reminds us of the incredible progress being made toward equality," said Human Rights Campaign president Joe Solmonese in a statement. "Less than five years ago, lesbian and gay couples began marrying in Massachusetts. Now, with the Iowa court decision last Friday and today’s vote in Vermont, there will be four states recognizing the right to marry for loving, committed lesbian and gay couples," he said.
House members who spoke on the floor before the vote cited the "stress and anger" that surrounded the same-sex marriage debate in Vermont, with one noting the "disrespectful comments on both sides." Another legislator, who voted not to override the veto, called it "the most emotional and passionate issue I’ve ever been involved in."
Gay and lesbian couples may begin to marry in Vermont on September 1.