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José Benito
01/08/2009, 11:03
Shawn Pyfrom Leaving Housewives (http://www.advocate.com/news_detail_ektid102065.asp)


Bree’s gay son Andrew Van De Kamp is checking out of Wisteria Lane. According to People magazine, actor Shawn Pyfrom is leaving the show to pursue other interests, but may appear as an occasional guest star throughout the upcoming sixth season.
Andrew has been on the back burner in recent seasons. Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry caused a big stir during the show’s first season when he outed Andrew in a steamy pool romp with his then-boyfriend, but spent subsequent seasons focused on other characters.
The show’s fifth season shifted a bit of focus back toward Andrew. Taking advantage of the show’s five-year “flash-forward” device and the nationwide same-sex marriage debate, the writers showed Andrew becoming engaged, and Bree, having finally come to terms with her son, offering to plan the wedding.
Andrew’s departure from Desperate Housewives doesn’t completely strip Wisteria Lane of gay characters -- in the show’s fourth season, Lee McDermott (Kevin Rahm) and Bob Hunter (Tuc Watkins) became the street’s “gay couple next door.”