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12/03/2010, 12:09
Hi people!

Two friends of mine are planning to get married in Barcelona, and they need information about the how, where, what, etc. They're both from Germany so i don't even know if that's possible, and as i'm single myself i don't have a clue on where to look for or what to tell them. :(

I'd appreciate any advice, web address or information u may provide, as i feel lost in this subject. Thanks in advance for ur time and help. Regards,


José Benito
12/03/2010, 12:38
My English| is bad. They if that they can be married, but I do not know the requirements. The best thing is to direct to a lawyer. Greetings.

12/03/2010, 15:27
Acording to Wikipedia:

Approximately 4,500 same-sex couples married in Spain during the first year of the law. Shortly after the law was passed, questions arose about the legal status of marriage to non-Spaniards whose country did not permit same-sex marriage. A ruling from the Justice Ministry stated that the country's same-sex marriage law allows a Spanish citizen to marry a non-Spaniard regardless of whether that person's homeland recognizes the partnership. At least one partner must be a Spanish citizen in order to marry, although two non-Spaniards may marry if they both have legal residence in Spain.

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Same-sex_marriage_in_Spain

I doubt that the marriage of two german citizens would have any validity in germany. If it were so, same sex marriage would be spread around the world. I think they shoul ask for qualified legal advise to know the details.