Ver la versión completa : Indonesia: Some muslims propose death penalty for people caught having gay sex

Marcos Simon
22/03/2015, 17:45
Indonesia's most prominent Islamic clerical body has issued a fatwa proposing a
host of punishments for "homosexual crimes" - including the death penalty.

While Indonesia does not have a reputation for being particularly welcoming of the
LGBT community – and same-sex marriage is not permitted - homosexual
relations are not prohibited. Most individuals can go about their lives without

But the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) views homosexuality as a sin. It issued
the edict at the start of this month, according to The Jakarta Globe.

The fatwa claimed that homosexuality is a disease that needs to be cured and
proposed a series of brutal penalties, ranging from caning to death.

Hasanuddin AF, the head of the MUI's fatwa commission, said: "Sodomy,
homosexuals, gays and lesbians in Islamic law are forbidden and is a vile
act that is punishable by the death penalty."

He added: "It doesn’t matter that they love each other.

"The law still prohibits it. In Islamic law, it’s a sexual act that must be heavily
punished. It would be bad if the government allows same-sex marriage."

According to Detik News, the fatwa was issued as a means of "reminding the
public" that homosexuality is a "deviant" behaviour that creates a "stain on the
dignity of Indonesia".

The propagation of intolerance is seen as particularly dangerous in this instance,
given the MUI's influential position.
LGBT activist Hartoyo told [I]The Jakarta Globe: "Issuing such a fatwa is as same
as promoting hatred and motivating people to carry out violence against others.

"If the MUI dislikes homosexuals, it should express its disapproval through other
means, in educated and peaceful ways. It shouldn’t shroud its message with hate
and violence."

It is not the first time homosexuality has been "banned" in Indonesia. In September
the province of Aceh passed an anti-homosexuality by-law under Islamic sharia law.

And in 2004 an anti-prostitution by-law was passed in the city of Palembang. It
defined homosexual sex as an act of prostitution, along with sodomy and
pornographic acts.

Source: "independent.co.uk"

31/03/2015, 14:43
Juxtapose Hobby Lobby with the recent fate of Arizona’s “Turn the Gays Away” bill (http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/02/25/once-supportive-republicans-go-from-anti-gay-to-no-way.html). In
Arizona, a religious exemption that would allow business owners to refuse to serve gay
people died a fiery death. The issue was basically the same as in Hobby Lobby: when
businesses can discriminate on the basis of religion. Yet gays won, and women lost.
This has been going on for years. Consider: in 2004, being gay was a fireable offense
in a majority of states and in the U.S. military. The first same-sex marriage case, in
Massachusetts, had just been decided. It had only been a year since “sodomy” was
illegal in 14 states. Gay politicians were few and far between; gay celebrities were