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José Benito
20/03/2006, 15:34
Dear Lesbians, Gay Men, Bisexuals, Transgendered People and their friends and supporters,The International Lesbian and Gay Association better known as ILGA is 28 years old this year, and we are having our 23 World Conference to be held in Geneva, Switzerland from March 27 till April 3.
In 1997, in its Cologne conference, LGBT groups asked ILGA to strenghten its work in the various regions of the world and to facilitate the building of LGBT movements on a regional level.
Our 23 world Conference is a great opportunity to see the results of this process and to meet the LGBT world movement. Come and join us in this celebration of the voice of LGBT people in the world!
Learn more about the conference and... do not forget to watch our video! (http://www.ilga-world-conference-2006.ch/public/page.php?id_rub_page=603&lang=AN)
http://www.ilga-world-conference-2006.ch/public/page.php?id_rub_page=603&lang=AN (http://www.ilga-world-conference-2006.ch/public/page.php?id_rub_page=603&lang=AN)

Kürsad Kahramanoglu & Rosanna Flamer-Caldera Secretary Generals of the International Lesbian and Gay Association
Support ILGA! (http://www.ilga.org/donate.asp)
http://www.ilga.org/donate.asp (http://www.ilga.org/donate.asp)