Sunday, 26 August 9.55pm
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Pitt's transsexual turn

Hollywood megastar Brad Pitt is set to act as executive producer on an upcoming drama series revolving around a transsexual man, reports Variety.

The series, titled 4 oz., was co-created by Ryan Murphy, who also hatched the darkly comic cosmetic surgery drama Nip/Tuck. US pay TV network FX has already greenlit three episodes of the new series.

In addition to co-writing the pilot with Nip/Tuck scribe Brad Falchuk, Murphy will also direct the first episode and co-produce the series with Pitt. The drama is Pitt's first venture into series television.

4 oz. revolves around a married doctor with two sons who realises he is a transsexual, and follows his gradual metamorphosis into a woman.

Murphy has long-term ambitions for the unusual series. According to Variety, he hopes the first season will deal with the aftermath of the protagonist's revelation; the second with his transition to a female, the third with his gender-reassignment surgery, and the fourth with his new life as a woman and his attempts to find love.

Casting will soon commence to find an actor suitable for the unusual lead role.