After last week’s charity “no make-up selfie” trend – a craze where self-involved women posted slightly less preened pictures of themselves on social media and their galpals lied that they looked much prettier with blotchy skin and visible blackheads – I have been slightly good-caused out.
So thank heavens for #cockinasock – a new wacky Twitter and Facebook trend where men are raising awareness about testicular cancer by posing totally naked aside from their genitals shoved roughly into a sock.

Not one picture of a man involved with #cockinasock – and I have looked at hundreds as I am very earnest about my dislike of cancer - appears to be a stranger to his local gym, his protein powder supplier and his pubic hair topiary parlour.

Still, I am prepared to look past the self-serving nature of these good deeds and cheer these heroes on. As I write, news is breaking about a “topless for cancer” – tits 'oot for the Big C! etc - which, of course, I think is demeaning, objectifying and should be banned for the good of us all.

Source: Grace Dent: Thank heavens for ‘cock in a sock’. I have looked at hundreds of these selfies for cancer awareness

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