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Tema: Scotland: LGBT groups seek referendum support

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    11 Jul, 13

    Scotland: LGBT groups seek referendum support

    Scotland's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community would benefit
    from greater equality under independence, it has been claimed.

    LGBT Yes, which is campaigning for a Yes vote in September's referendum, said the country
    could be transformed into a "progressive beacon" after separation.

    LGBT Together, part of the pro-Union Better Together campaign, countered that t he UK is
    the best place to be LGBT in Europe.
    Both sides in the debate will be out in force at tomorrow's annual Glasgow Pride parade in the
    hope of attracting support from about 7,000 expected attendees.

    Stewart McDonald, of Yes LGBT, said: "Just this week the Prime Minister has appointed a Minister
    for Equality who voted against equal marriage, a Foreign Secretary who wants to take us out of
    the EU and a Treasury Minister who wants to cut Scotland's budget.

    "If ever you needed proof of how out of touch Westminster is, then David Cameron showed it this
    "The opportunities of independence, however, allow our country to do things differently and better.

    "It gives us, for the first time ever, the chance to enshrine LGBT rights into a written constitution.
    "That in itself is a huge opportunity to make a bold statement as a nation and advance the cause
    of equality."

    LGBT Together activist Darren Young said: "The UK's LGBT rights record is something that
    people right across these isles can be proud of.

    "The UK has now been voted the best place to be LGBT in Europe three years running.

    "When we march we will be making the positive case that it's good to be LGBT in the UK and that
    we can do even more to further LGBT rights by working together.

    "The UK has the largest diplomatic network of any nation on Earth and our embassies fight for
    LGBT rights across the globe.
    "We will be marching in solidarity with LGBT people across the UK. Where is the sense in breaking
    up something that works well?"

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    18 May, 15
    CCC—sorry, Cru—is at once better known and lesser known than these groups. It has a brand that far more people recognize, and a budget dwarfing the others’. (CCC does not reveal how much of its budget is spent on overseas activities.) At the same time, when progressives roll off the names of their usual foes—Family Research Council, Human Life International, Family Watch International, American Family Association, The Becket Fund—Campus Crusade for Christ is not usually among them. Its members are supposed to be the earnest Christians, preaching the Gospel but not fomenting hate around the world.

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