Hi ha una convocatòria d'art postal amb motiu del proper dia mundial de la Sida (1 de desembre). La poso tal qual:


Posted by: "jstrecker_33" jstrecker_33@hotmail.com

Wed Oct 18, 2006 12:22 pm (PST)

Subject: International AIDS crisis
Technical: free
Size: free
Date limit: 25th November 2006

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Jackie Strecker
1033 Brought Street
London, Ontario
L3R 2S4

December 1st is `World AIDS Day'. In celebration of this day, we
will be holding an art exhibit and coffeehouse in London Ontario, to
raise awareness of the issues and raise money for this worthy cause.
Because this is an international crisis we would love to receive art
from around the world. All pieces will be exhibited and exhibitors
will be sent an official program of the event, which will include
every piece. No pieces will be sold.

This is a very important day and we would love to expose London
Ontario with a diversity of art that showcases how this crisis is
affecting countries from around the world.

Any questions may be directed to jstrecke@uwo.ca

Best Wishes,
Jackie Strecker