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The government of the United Kingdom has anticipated the deportation of Pegah

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  • The government of the United Kingdom has anticipated the deportation of Pegah

    The government of the United Kingdom has anticipated the deportation of Pegah

    Emambakhsh and her flight towards the death is already set on the 23rd August.

    + GOOD NEWS from Lesley
    We don't have to allow that Pegah goes up on that airplane.
    Urgent message to all the activists who operate in the United Kingdom and to all the persons who engage themselves for the respect of the human rights.

    Case Pegah Emambakhsh (40), the lesbian Iranian who is waiting for deportation in her country of origin, where according to the local laws she will be imprisoned and stoned to death. Bad news reach us directly from Sheffield, thanks to the persons nearest Pegah. The authorities of United Kingdom have
    decided to commit a force action, in despite of every human right,anticipating the fly of Pegah to Iran. UK government is going to deport her back on August 23, 2007 direct flight to Tehran from Heathrow airport.
    The government of the United Kingdom has received thousands of emails of protest, emails from all the world, not only by activists, but also by intellectuals, journalists, politicians and also celebrities. The appeal promoted from the EveryOne Group has been undersigned from thousands of persons all the world. Each message is begging the British governors to espect the international conventions and immediately grant asylum to Pegah as she's persecuted because of her homosexuality. To receive asylum is a right of Pegah and to deny it represents a crime of unheard gravity. It is necessary to organize us, to send protests forms to the politicians and the authorities and
    in any case to prevent that Pegah goes up on that airplane that would lead her to the death.

    We must be united, we must be near Pegah, who is the symbol of the minimal right of a human being: the right to the life. We don't have to allow the governors of the United Kingdom stain themselves with the homicide of an innocent woman and transform the international rights in the law of the stronger and the most cynical. We don't have to allow that they will awake again terrible ghosts, that the power loses its humanity suffocating the weak people, as it is happened in the darkest ages. Pegah does not have to go up on that flight, because her life is our hope to live in a right world, in a world of equals and not again in a place of pain and injustice, dominated by the hatred and prejudice.

    For the the EveryOne Group: Roberto Malini, Matteo Pegoraro, Dario Picciau,
    Ahmad Rafat
    EveryOne Group - Info: +39 334 8429527 ::

    GOOD NEWS from Lesley:
    We have just had some good news! - Richard Caborn, Pegah's MP has managed
    (together with the 'global' campaign, I think) to persuade the Home Office to defer Pegah's deportation until tues 28th August. Sarah Lawrence R C's PA has
    just told me, "that Pegah will be deported on Tuesday 28th August, unless representations come in from Richard Caborn and others before that date"
    Wilson & Co (solicitors) are currently looking at Pegah's papers and Sebastian at UKlgig expects to be able to tell me what they think sometime this evening.

    Will keep you all posted.
    Everyone - Many heartfelt thanks for your all your support - we couldn't have got this far without you...we still need to keep up the campaign though - no flagging now!