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Uganda using coronavirus laws to target marginalised LGBT groups

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  • Uganda using coronavirus laws to target marginalised LGBT groups

    More than 20 members of the LGBT community in Uganda were arrested for violating the coronavirus lockdown

    Video footage shows a town mayor and other officials interrogating people at a shelter about their families and sex lives.

    The pictures of a raid on an LGBT shelter in Uganda are grainy and shaky but there is no mistaking the look of fear etched on the residents' faces.

    There are 23 men and women sitting in the forecourt of a charity-run facility near Kampala, listening to a municipal mayor and his officials taunt and scream at them from above.

    "Who are your parents?" shouts Mayor Hajji Abdul Kiyimba. "Give me your parents' number. Quickly, give it. Rubbish!"

    When he does not get the answers he is seeking, he whips and hits shelter occupants with a four-foot cane. It is a brutal display.

    "Who is in charge here... tell me about the condoms? Where did they come from... tell me what you were using condoms for?"

    A young man in a blue shirt is quizzed by another interrogator: "Who were you having sex with?"

    "I wasn't having sex with anyone," he replies.