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Player care in focus as Premier League agrees new partnership with LGBT+ charity Stonewall

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  • Player care in focus as Premier League agrees new partnership with LGBT+ charity Stonewall

    The Premier League and Stonewall's new partnership aims to 'create a game where all LGBT+ people are welcome and able to fulfil their potential'

    The Premier League will make LGBT+ inclusion a key element of their player care and support programmes as part of a new two-year partnership with the equality charity Stonewall.

    The commitment is part of a focus on education, with the introduction of new resources and programmes for coaches, teachers and leaders in schools and communities to help promote positive attitudes towards the LGBT+ community.

    Stonewall's Rainbow Laces campaign returns to Premier League matchdays this weekend, supported by Sky Sports as a member of TeamPride.

    This year's activation, which begins in the Premier League on Saturday and runs through to December 13, will see the Rainbow Laces campaign highlighted on substitute boards, ball plinths and handshake boards, while rainbow armbands, laces and pin badges will be available for players and staff.

    Premier League chief executive Richard Masters said: "The Premier League is committed to promoting equality in all we do and we are pleased to extend our relationship with Stonewall through this new strategic partnership.

    "There is no place for discrimination of any kind in football or wider society. Our new partnership focuses on developing the positive LGBT+ inclusion projects we have carried out with Stonewall in recent years.

    "A great deal of work has taken place to make football as welcoming as possible, promoting diversity on and off the pitch, and within our clubs' communities. However, we know there is more to do and we look forward to making further progress.